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Welcome to CertifiedMasterInvestigator.com!

With some investigative specialists averaging less than one available to the public per county in most states, the investigative professions can be extremely rewarding to persons possessing accurate knowledge, modern equipment, and business sense. Very few professions have this little competition, and some specialties pay hundreds of dollars per hour. Some states require absolutely no licensing of private investigators; many more do not require licensing of highly-paid specialists such as polygraph examiners!

Most states do not have investigator or specialty academies that the public can attend. In the very few states that do, many are either far away, take many weeks of your life and cost you thousands of dollars of tuition, and/or are not thorough or up to current standards. Instead, learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office with outstanding full-color education materials, or at an accelerated 'boot camp' or seminar/workshop! From learning the entire detective basics, or certification testing such as the comprehensive CMI: Certified Master Investigator, and affordable continuing education or updating your skills with Continuing Education or separate modules on the popular specialties such as process serving, GPS tracking, polygraph, covert video, ethics, Homeland Security, bail, backgrounds, TSCM/'de-bugging', surveillance, skiptracing, marketing, statement taking, lie-detection, fingerprinting, and more, we are NOT a traditional 'school' or a 'diploma mill'; you are learning these avocational specialties directly from investigative professionals who have actually earned a living in the private practice of these professions. From material to help prepare for PI licensing exams through modules to update veteran detectives into new options, we can assist with items available on-line, in print, on disk, private consultation one-on-one by telephone, in-person, with seminars, and via webinars

We also have study guides, practice tests, and preparation material for the state Private Investigator license examination tests of California, New York, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and Missouri-- as well as for the California PPO (Private Patrol Operator) and Repossession Agency license examination tests too!

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